VT652 | Bucher Municipal





Key Attributes

  • Modell
  • Baujahr / Jahr der Zulassung
  • Standort
    Navigation Point, Castleford, WF10 1FU
  • Land
    Vereinigtes Königreich
  • Zustand
  • Bruttogewicht des Fahrzeuges
  • Steuergerät
    272 Renault Midlum
  • Typ
  • Marke
  • TÜV-Status
    Due 2023
  • Letzter Service
    Wagon serviced 02/03/2022
  • Preis
  • Kilometerstand
    11.219.7 miles
  • Kategorie
  • Motor / Technik
    Twin Engine Powered Machine (VT) with JCB 93kW Tur-bocharged auxiliary engine, complying to Stage 4 legis-lation with ad Blue. Protected by mild steel grade Cowl. The engine is fueled by the onboard 190 litre fuel tank with locking fuel cap
  • Container Volumen
    1554 litre water tank
  • Betriebsstunden
    Sweeper Time - 355 hours/Wagon time - 415.59 hours, 7015.1
  • Behältervolumen
    6.5 cubic meter hopper
  • Fahrgestellnummer
  • Geschwindigkeit
    0 to 25 mph
  • Abmessungen
    Length (cowl and hopper) 3920 mm Width 2325 mm Height 3400 mm Wheelbase 3150 mm nominal Sweeping path of suction nozzle and channel brush 1300 mm Sweeping path with roller brush 2400 mm Sweeping path for double-sided pick up 3600 mm
  • Hilfsmotor
    JCB 93kW Turbocharged auxiliary engine
  • Kehrsystem
    Dual Sweep Brush gear consisting of 650mm diameter Channel Brush with steel tines and poly segment wide sweep brush with quick change over system
  • Zusätzliche Absaugung
    Vacuum Nozzle including Maxigap, fixed aperture posi-tioning system Large diameter 250mm trunking as standard and special-ly profiled low noise nozzle rubbers whilst ensuring the best debris pickup in all applications.
  • Wasser System
    Systems - IP 67 automotive waterproof electrical external connect ions. Pressadrain Water purging system. 1554 litre water tank
  • Elektrische Optionen
    In Cab - data capture system providing data and infor-mation on the following: Raised hopper warning system (audible and visual). Equipment fuel & water gauge, auxiliary engine hour counter & tachometer. Maximum payload indicator. • LED Signboard illum
  • Extras
    Quad rear facing LED’s,LED rood bar Supa wash, Power save/thrust, Dual sweep (simultaneous), Auto lube, Variabrush
  • Zusätzliche Merkmale / Optional
    Contractors nozzle pack, Line gutter jet, Mesh shakers, Additional nozzle jets, 4” rear door drain valve, Roof inspection door, 6” wanderhose, Dual cam


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