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Pre-owned units that are fully

A pre-owned unit is not just a used unit. It is an alternative.

With Signature, you obtain security. Our fleet of pre-owned units, enables you to keep your business on track and get tasks solved efficiently. Often we’ve known the unit since it was born, enabling us to tell you every detail about the unit – and if we haven’t, rest assured.

Every pre-owned unit goes through a thoroughly executed service and maintenance check to make sure everything is running. 

Lower Cost of Ownership 

Reducing initial depreciation and insurance costs, while lowering interest rates on financing

Improved Cashflow

Investment in, high-quality equipment at a competitive purchasing price with reduction in sales tax

Maximum Flexibility

Immediate access to equipment,  available exactily when needed and with no lead time

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Get in contact with your local Experts and explore our range of certified Pre-Owned units.  

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